Our aim is to engage with our readers intellectually and to discuss current affairs and world events. We intend to cover a diverse collection of topics and we hope to keep you the readers interested and engaged.

We do not condone any political party or movement. We welcome the international community to engage and participate in our discussions. There are no restrictions to contributors however, we hope to present quality writings with high standards and extensive research to support the arguments.

Essentially, we aim to write about International Relations, Economics, Development and Diplomacy around the world. In addition, we intend to aspire to engage in Critical Thinking and using various resources to support our research and to satisfy our readers’ demands. We welcome the reader’s opinions and we expect engagement from the readers. Further, the readers will be expected to support their arguments with research.

We, at Qutnyti, understand our mission to assist in the democracy, international mitigation, peace & prosperity. We also dedicate this mission to combating violence, persecution and any form of extremism.

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