Anti-Imperialism, or Non-Existence: A Manifesto and Invitation to the Muslims of the World

Most major world religions began as revolutions among the peasantry. Usury, exploitation, feudalism, and a system of socioeconomic hierarchy enforced upon the masses the will of the traditional wielders of power. The peasant and the lord, the owner and the serf, the early Christian and the Romans, the early Muslim and the Meccans of the Quraysh- these evil and unholy relations have existed from the earliest known civilizations. The liberation of the peasantry and workers from tyranny was the objective of the movements led by the prophets Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be upon them), beginning with spiritual and intellectual training. Each of these movements was a revolution with the same message – the calls for feeding the hungry, clothing the bare, housing the homeless, providing for the widow, protecting the orphans, and loving for others what one desires for himself. These attractive messages attacked the ills in a society which created inequality in the first place. The messages led to great dissent among the downtrodden masses and attracted people of concern and affection. It was suffering followed by disciplined awakening that led to their mobilization.

The steadfastness of the revolutionaries through pain and sacrifice was fueled by their belief in implementing revolutionary changes. When the early Muslims, considered a rebellious group of slaves and the poor, could no longer bear to live in Mecca due to persecution, lynching, boycott, and expulsion, those who were most vulnerable were commanded to escape Arabia by night. They were to find refuge in Abyssinia, ruled by a righteous African Christian king. Out of their mutual opposition to the treachery of the Quraysh and shared religious beliefs, the Muslims were granted asylum by the honourable king for as long as they wished. Here lies an example of internationalist solidarity- Africans and Arabs, Christians and Muslims.

After surviving the thirst and starvation of boycott, armed struggle was permitted for the Muslims against the Meccans who oppressed, expelled, and boycotted them. Eventually, Mecca was liberated without a single drop of blood. The refugees living in Abyssinia could return to their liberated homes, but some opted to remain among their warm Christian brothers. Fighting for liberation is not only an act of valour, but it is a holy act of selflessness. Each revolutionary can trace his line all the way back to the Prophet Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad,  their disciples, and the Ahl-al-Bayt.

Later,  these revolutionary movements were hijacked by cunning state-builders and corrupt bureaucracies. Constantine fused Christianity with pagan religions to cater to both the exponentially growing Christian movement and the pagan elites, unifying his empire. Muslims reverted to the feudal backwardness of pre-Islamic societies. Those who were “sheikhs” and “priests” held slaves, possessed brothels, amassed mountains of wealth, and did not “spend in the way of God”. Those who raised the image of the cross held their bread and water from poor and devout followers of Jesus, plundered and enslaved people across the world. Those who held the title of caliph colonized nations, persecuted their subjects, and claimed absolute morality. Religion became the tool of the state of maintain the subservience of the commoners to the elite classes, contradicting its original purpose of equality, liberation, spiritual peace, and self-betterment.

The “mullahs” were not but lackeys of their landowning benefactors. The masses manipulated by the mullahs were nothing but serfs and laborers for lords again. Self-degrading clerics manipulated the faith-holding masses, causing the populace to be pacified against tyranny. Peasants were no longer interested in challenging the established order because they were already ruled by those officiated by the cross and crescent. The hijacking and co-opting of religion by the elites led the masses believe that tyranny and horrid conditions must be accepted. Since the leaders were caliphs and claimed to follow the message Prophet Muhammad relayed, how could they be responsible for transgression? If the egalitarian messages of Jesus and Muhammad are already official state doctrine, what is there to change? To patiently make the best with what one has been  provided is beloved to God, but not while sitting idle before oppression. The quest for freedom was no longer an objective and the fire of liberation was a thing of the past.

Religion was minimized to basic tenets and the repetition of mantras and actions. It is also noticeable today that the most reactionary “Muslim” states are those who are rooted firmly against spirituality and enforce rigid, one-way understandings of Islam. These are the nations ruled by hypocrite compradors who enforce strict laws upon the masses while they themselves indulge in sin away from the public eye.

Men like Amir Abd-el Kader and Sidi Omar al-Mukhtar challenged this order to strove to restore the independence and pride of their people.

Amir Abd-el Kader, a leader of the Algerian resistance against French Imperialism.

Since the 1970s, the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimeen) has increasingly become the voice of Islam in the West and East. After supporting the Nazis in World War II, the Ikhwan have been courted by “Allied Power” Western Imperialists since 1953 (when they were invited to Washington to meet the President and other influential individuals across the states) and have been integral part of their foreign policy.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been used to thwart “Third-World Nationalism” by the MI6, CIA and even by the Israeli Mossad. The organization and its extensions have been the most effective tool to weaken, destroy, or overthrow progressive, nationalist, anti-colonial, liberation-minded Republics across the world.

Logistical, diplomatic, and financial support were provided on a number of fronts. Further proving their compromised status were the Ikhwan’s destabilization and assassination attempts in Egypt while the Arab Nation was involved in a hot war against the Zionist entity, as if they hadn’t any idea of who such an action would benefit. The landed elite with Western allegiances also unquestionably preferred the Muslim Brotherhood to President Nasser in Egypt, as they knew the Muslim Brotherhood would not change the nature of their feudal society or challenge their monopoly over the Egyptian economy.

Reactionary politics, pro-reactionary alliances, and capitalist-friendly economics made the Muslim Brotherhood the natural allies of Imperialism.

In the west and in more recent times, the American satellites of the Ikhwan come to mind. One cannot distinguish the statements on Syria of “Islamic” organizations such as Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) from official statements from the Saudi or Israeli foreign ministries. From Adel al-Jubeir, Turki bin Faisal al Saud and Mohammad bin Salman, to Tzipi Hotevely, Benjamin Netanyahu and Michael Cohen, to Nihad Awad and Hussam Ayloush.

Awad, Ayloush, and other “Muslim” activists had no problem standing with war criminals like President Bush and Obama; today, they have completely unified behind the neoliberal establishment and its activists on both domestic and international policy issues.

After endless criticism of the new Imperialist figurehead with Democrat talking points and jumping on the bandwagon of the baseless sham-show charade of “Russian collusion”, the “House” Muslims successfully realigned with the American administration upon Donald Trump’s announcement of military action against Syria.

CAIR, Islamic Circle of North America, Islamic Society of North America, Muslim Legal Fund of America, and the rest of these traitorous organizations must be exposed for their treachery and sycophantic service to Imperialism. While they stand with Western liberals and compromise upon their own creed doing so, they ironically support the most reactionary organizations abroad.

There is much anger in anti-Imperialist circles, among Muslims and non-Muslims, about “Islamic” organizations fully bending over for neocolonialism. More recently, there is equal indignation caused by “Muslim” politicians using their identity as the mantle-piece of their platforms while selling out the causes of their own people. On the contrary, there are few revolutionary voices and true respecters of the legacy of El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz to counter these sellouts and tools of the empire.

Image result for malcolm xEl-Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X), the model [Muslim] anti-imperialist, proponent of international anti-imperialist solidarity, and martyred liberation fighter.

The Muslim diaspora has no knowledge of self; deep in the underbelly of Empire, the masses are politically ignorant. With no revolutionary guidance, many well-meaning individuals fall into supporting false causes marketed as “Islamic causes” by Imperialists and their clients.

When reactionary organizations are forming the narratives and setting the tone, all Muslims are grouped as one. What a tragedy it would be if we are all characterized as liberals, Democrats, Hillary-bots, Bernie-bros, Khizr Khans, and Uncle Tamaans.

Despite empty public veneration for people like Omar al-Mukhtar, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Emir Abd-el Kader, and others we have little knowledge of the context of their struggles. We are completely brainwashed to oppose their successors who exist/existed in our time. “Existed” was used because the Muslim diaspora has actively participated in the lynching and assassination of revolutionary leaders and their supporters by lobbying for regime change, military intervention, and by championing imperialist proxies as “democratic” and “Islamic”.

The stance of “Muslims Against Imperialism” is simple. As long as your aim is liberation from Imperialist domination, you are a comrade and brother in arms. Morality is morality, irrespective of the proclaimed [religious] identities of those involved in a conflict. What must be established is the amorality of Imperialists, and thus the immorality of relations with them. The most ignorant of human beings are those who align themselves on one side or another based on sectarian labels or religious identities, as if their sect has an incorrigible monopoly on justice. Similarly, struggles are righteous and valid based on their history, not because of the religious persuasion of an involved party.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) stated, “Speak the truth even if it be against yourself.”

Among the many Islamic supplications to protect us from oppression are a number of Duaas (supplications/prayers) which ask God to protect us from becoming oppressors or trials upon others. As we have witnessed in history, injustice against others has occurred at the hands of those who proclaim to be Muslims. Without acknowledgement of these crimes and desire to rectify them, progress is impossible.

It is our job to name and rebuke those who serve Imperialism and Zionism among the Muslim community, at home or in the diaspora.

May God allow us to remain steadfast on our principles and follow the example of His Prophet and those who emulate his teachings of justice and compassion.

There is no justice in collaborating with the Imperialist powers of corruption and chaos or using religious/sectarian biases to guide one’s politics. Indeed, possessing sectarian prejudices is bound to make one become a pawn of neo-colonial state building projects.

Those who call themselves the armies of God and of Islam and at the same time fight on the same side as Imperialism are not people of God or of Islam, they are hypocrites and tools of their feudal overlords.

These are the ones who pervert the words of God to kill and halt the progress of mankind.

These are the people who turn their guns against the defenders of national sovereignty and their own brothers while they claim they are “fronts” of “liberation”.

These are the people who wave flags of monarchies and colonial mandates and claim to be “revolutionary”.

These are the people who claim to want democracy for all but want corrupt and traitorous [exiled] elites to rule their countries.

These are the compradors who use words like “sharing” and “friendship”, but only desire to share with foreign investors and befriend Imperialists.

These are the sycophantic low-lives who beg Imperialists to liberate them and claim they hatched an organic revolution.

These are the fools who believe their own people to be backwards and believe the Imperialists to have not only superior complexion, but also superior values.

And there are a small number of them who were once on the side of truth, but saw the road to liberation to be “too demanding” or saw the imperialists to be “too strong”. But they found it less “demanding” to fight alongside their oppressors.

“And whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger – then they will be in the company of those on whom Allah has bestowed His Grace- of the Prophets, the steadfast affirmers of truth, the martyrs and the righteous. And excellent are those as companions.”

– Al Quran 4:69

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